archived nutrition webinars

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Performance Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, Bob Seebohar

This webinar is the most up to date sports nutrition from one of the most prominent Sport Dietitians in the country.  Bob describes his Optimal Nutrition System that he uses with all types of athletes with information spanning from foundational nutrition to nutrition periodization to supplementation. In this webinar, Bob covers topics such as the physiogical thirst mechanism, hydration status techniques, how to control blood sugar by using his models the FuelTarget and Periodization Plates, nutrition implementation strategies for each training cycle that endurance athletes progress through yearly, nutrient timing protocols for before, during and after training/competitions and the three classes of supplements with three examples (iron, electrolytes and caffeine). This is a must watch webinar for any endurance athlete or coach.

Weight Loss Strategies for Athletes: Part 1, Bob Seebohar

This two part series describes realistic weight loss methods that can be easily applied to real life while ensuring a high degree of success in losing weight and keeping it off. The complex nature of weight loss is presented in simple and easy to follow plans. Part I discusses the quantitative and qualitative aspects of weight loss. This is a completely different weight loss webinar that you think. The concepts are proven in this no-gimmick delivery method.


Weight Loss Strategies for Athletes: Part 2, Bob Seebohar

Part 2 discusses the ever important and often neglected instinctual aspect of weight loss which includes the psychological and emotional connections to food and weight. The "why's" behind how you approach food are discussed in detail along with strategies to implement them on a daily basis. 


Race Day Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, Bob Seebohar

This webinar highlights the specific nutrition needs for endurance athletes the days leading up to the race as well as before, during or after race nutrition. Topics that are covered include carbohydrates, protein, fat, electrolytes and fluid and the "how-to" application of using nutrition is provided.


Metabolic Efficiency Training for Athletes, Bob Seebohar

This webinar discussess the concept of improving the body's abilitiy to use more of its internal stores of fat as energy whilepreserving internal stores of carbohydrate to maximize performance and reduce GI distress. Specific protocols and case studies are offered as well as specific implementation strategies of becoming more metabolically efficient.


Fueling the Female Multisport Athlete, Bob Seebohar

This webinar provides information about the female athlete triad (osteoporosis, amenorrhea, eating disorders), sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass as we age) and iron needs for females. A great resource for female athletes, coaches and health professionals.


Sports Nutrition Research Vs. Reality: Part 1, Bob Seebohar

Part 1 of this two-part webinar series provides the most up-to-date research information about carbohydrate, protein and fat and more importantly, the real life application of the research. You will learn how to use the information that research and media present in the most effective and realistic manner that will improve your performance. This webinar is good for separating some of the sports nutrition myths that exist.


Sports Nutrition Research Vs. Reality: Part 2, Bob Seebohar

Part 2 provides the most up-to-date research information about fluid and electrolytes and more importantly, the real-life application of the research.


Omega-3 Fats, Inflammation and Exercise, Bob Seebohar

The human body incurs inflammatin on a daily basis and too much can be extremely detrimental to cardiovascular health. This webinar will provide background of what inflammation is and more importantly the dietary strategies and close connection that omega-3 fats have in reducing total body inflammation and assisting with improved health and performance. Because inflammation is not specific to any one person or group, this webinar will be beneficial for all ages and genders irrespective of fitness level.


Making Weight for Competition, Krista Austin

In a practical and applied manner, athletes and coaches will be taught the various methods for helping to cut weight based on the time between weigh-in and competition. Based on the age (biological, chronological and sporting) and level of competitor, a systematic approach will be provided for choosing a weight class. The science behind how to "cut" weight and the importance of the nutritional recovery is presented. This presentation includes the use of low residue foods, exercise and food restriction, as well as heat acclimation, and various methods of dehydration that can be used to safely make weight.


Iron Deficiency and Endurance Performance, Bob Seebohar

This webinar discusses the role that iron plays in the body and its effect on endurance exercise. Specifically, the topics of iron absorption, blood work analysis, the stages of iron deficiency and a supplemention protocol for improving iron stores is described.


Vitamin D, Health and Performance: Hype or Hero?, Rikki Keen

Learn how vitamin D plays a role in our health and its potential effects on performance. This webinar covers the impact of low levels of vitamin D on immune, inflammation, risk of injuries and muscle function. Rikki reviews the history of vitamin D, current research and the latest RDA recommendations by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). She helps you understand the role vitamin D plays in the body from our diet and our environment, including metabolism, nutrient interactions and physiology. Rikki also provides information on prevalence (season, latitude, indoor and outdoor sports, skin types), optimal blood levels, different forms, doses, and safety of supplementation (D2 vs. D3, tanning beds), lab assays/testing, and how to make appropriate recommendations for vitamin D replacement.


Sport Performance and the Use of Legal Ergogenic Aids, Krista Austin

This webinar reviews the use and application of 6 supplements that are currently very popular in sports. 1) Sodium Citrate, 2) Creatine, 3) Glycerol, 4) Amino Acids, 5) Beta-Alanine and 6) Caffeine. The rationale behind how these supplements can be used to enhance sports performance is reviewed. Application of these supplements to a range of sports is utilized to help illustrate the potential effects these ergogenic aids can have in training and competition.


Heat, Hydration and Electrolytes, Bob Seebohar

This webinar provides athletes and coaches both scientific and real-life explanation of proper heat acclimation along with strategies to improve heat tolerance by using easy to implement hydration and electrolyte planning. Bob covers the different types of heat illnesses, dehydration and assessing hydration status, hyponatremia, muscle cramping and the use of electrolytes and fluid before, during and after training sessions.


The Importance of Whey Protein for Athletes, Bob Seebohar

This webinar provides a foundational background of the role of protein and specifically whey protein and its positive effects on athletes. Emphasis is placed on the role of whey protein in weight management, satiety, muscle damage and soreness and sarcopenia along with real-life strategies detailing how to include whey protein in an athletes's daily nutrition plan.


Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes, Bob Seebohar

This webinar provides young athletes, parents and coaches up to date information regarding a nutrition program for young athletes. Covered in this webinar is background about the Food Guide Pyramid for Kids, specific research and recommendations for youth age 4-18 about carbohydrate, protein, fat, water, vitamins and minerals, hydration strategies and a simple to use method to teach young athletes how to eat without counting calories.


Hydration, Electrolyte Replacement and Cramping, Ryan Riell

Hydration, electrolytes, tempuratur control and cramping are four important issues for endurance athletes. In this two-part webinar, you will be shown how all four are inter-connected and controlled by a "central governor". This webinar will go into the actual science behind hdration, electrolyte replacement and will debunk the rumors and myths about each to ensure you are utilizing the cutting edge of science in your training and racing!